[En] I have HubSpot Marketing Pro, how will CMS Hub help me?

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Early 2020, HubSpot launched the CMS Hub. Next to the Marketing Hub, the Sales Hub and the Service Hub, the fourth major pillar of the rapidly evolving growth platform. This makes HubSpot not only a serious CMS option, but an immediate leader in the market for medium to enterprise-level companies. Especially if you already work with the Marketing Hub, this can be a more than interesting addition to the platform for existing HubSpot customers.

If you already have a website running on HubSpot using the old CMS add-on, the CMS Hub is added to your license at no extra cost. See here what that can mean for you.

If your website is still running on Wordpress or another CMS, then it is definitely worth checking out below what the CMS Hub can offer you. 


Integrate your marketing tools with your CMS

Is your HubSpot portal properly connected to your CMS or do you export data from your CMS weekly to analyze in an Excel sheet? The biggest advantage of an integrated system is a seamless transition and integration of the management of your website and your other marketing activities. In a single platform, you manage your campaigns, build reports to analyze your activities, and edit your pages to let them perform even better.

The main purpose of a website is to convert visitors into leads and ultimately customers. But to do that you need to know who your visitors are. A proper integration with your marketing tools is not only useful, but essential for any online marketing strategy.

The first step you could consider is to migrate your blog to HubSpot. No other part of your website changes more often and if you do it right it can be a great driver for your business. To get the most value out of your blog you first need a good plan and the right strategy, but also the right tools to support you. Think of a CMS that supports your blog activities, because you can post or adjust your posts efficiently and without friction, but also by mapping the results of your blog and offering you the means to make the right choices about what content you should create. And last but not least, a good integration with your CRM to know who your readers are.

If you already have a Marketing Hub Professional license, you do not have to purchase a CMS Hub license; blog functionalities are already available for you. Landing pages can also be easily created and managed within the Marketing Hub. Regardless of whether you want to use HubSpot's CMS, always make sure that your CMS is linked to HubSpot to get the most out of the Marketing Hub. HubSpot has an excellent plugin for Wordpress, in any other case a HubSpot partner can help you make the most of HubSpot by connecting your CMS to HubSpot.


Give your marketing activities an extra boost

If you already have your website fully running on HubSpot, now is the time to give your marketing activities an extra boost, or to have the desired new module built in. With all the new options that have become available with the CMS Hub, your toolbox as a marketer has become much more powerful.

Think of adaptive page testing, the intelligent version of A / B tests that allow you to test multiple versions of a page powered by machine learning and contact attribution reports that provide you with targeted insight into the results of your marketing activities. And with the launch of serverless functions, your developers can now build the new features on your website.

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